Tuesday, May 5, 2015



I've been trying my hand at pie making these days. So much work goes into a pie -but its worth it. Rhubarb and peanut butter are pictured.

And then there is Caroline. She keeps me skinny these days... running after a toddler is good for the waistline. I don't know what we'd do without her. She brings so much joy to our lives.

I've been busy these days working on a dream of mine. My friend, Amy, and I are building a commercial kitchen in her home with the plans of selling baked goods to markets, hosting workshops and events on site. We've worked together for a couple of years now and decided it boiled down to us needing a commercial kitchen as our home base. I will talk more on that later and keep you posted!



  1. Commercial kitchen? Market? Workshops? Events?

    Tell us more.

  2. Your little girl is getting so big! And those pies, oh my! And sounds like big things are coming your way! How exciting!

  3. Always love your pretty photos!

  4. The photo of your daughter on the counter is priceless. Learning from the best - eh?

  5. I'm gonna move to your town and be your photography + baking intern, ok? :D

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