Friday, May 19, 2017

A Cookbook

I'm still shaking a little bit... from the excitement, and well, the reality that it's really happening.

I signed a contract to write a cookbook today! I was honored to be contacted by Herald Press to write a cookbook. They are a Christian company and I felt it was God's leading in my life. I have wanted to write a cookbook but wasn't sure at which point in my life would be best. I was thinking it would be more like when I was 40. The more I thought and prayed about it, God seemed to think that now was a good time. As well as my sister, Faith, who says you only get busier as your children get older:) She's also offered her two older boys to come keep Caroline some days while I write.

I am excited to be able to have all my recipes in one place. I still look up my recipes on my blog from my phone; and have the biggest mess of handwritten recipes one ever did see. If no one buys my cookbook at least I will be happy to have them organized:)

 There will be photos for each recipe.

I don't want this to be about me; but about giving glory to our great Creator who gave us creative minds and beautiful foods to cook with. I want to teach others to cook from scratch and create inspiration to help feed your family well. 

 There will be some lifestyle photos mixed in.

So if you don't see much of me here, I am working on new recipes for you!

With love,


  1. Ooohhh! I want one! When do expect it to be on the market? I'm sure that such things take a long time.

  2. I'll definitely buy one! I'm excited for your recipes/photography! Jo

  3. I'll buy your cookbook. So happy for you. Please let us know when it will be published.

  4. Oh when will it be for sale?? :) I love new cookbooks, especially ones with pictures!! Good luck! ;)

  5. How wonderful and I will definitely buy one. Please keep us updated and let us know when it is published.

  6. Oh, I am uber excited... I love Cookbooks and especially if I know the author (albeit somewhat!)...

    this is very exciting!!

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  8. What are you up to this fall? (I just found your wonderful blog and would love to hear about your autumn plans and doings. :-) Blessings, Fiordelisa

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