Monday, July 26, 2010

Lake Louisa 2010

Family Fun in the Sun

This weekend was the annual trip to the lake with Joshua's family.
It was a wonderful time of fellowship and relaxation.
(not to mention the scrumptious food)

The Helmuths 2010

The sweet couple

"Happy Hannah" photo taken by camera stealer (Mike)

Lovely Sheri, my dear sister and friend

Josh catching so much air I couldn't catch his head

"Giddy as a school boy" his sisters would say

Hannah in action

Josh catching more air

The old married folks

And you can't forget Louise

That was my wonderful weekend.
We had lots of wonderful food, but I missed taking photos to post.

Stop by again,

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  1. lovely pics hope :) espcially the one of me bailing,thanks alot! :D I think that one pic you say is ryan is actually josh (it's josh's shorts anyway) :)