Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hubby Turns 24

Today is Joshua's birthday.
It's already his second birthday
as a married man. Time flies
when you are having fun.

Some of you probably wonder what he
thinks of me blogging. He is quite
supportive and helps me decipher if
a recipe is "blog worthy."
He often quotes when we sit down to eat,
"Well, now that the food is
photographed it's ready to eat!"
He's a supportive husband,
he seems to be interested in
most of my crazy ideas.

So todays post is dedicated to him.

A heart throb from the start.

8th grade field trip. No sparks flying here, none at all.
He looks rather annoyed. In fact he was, he told me so.

Not sure where his diploma is, but he did graduate.

After eighth grade Josh went to another school.
We had no connections until he started coming
to my youth volley ball games.
That's when he noticed I was no longer
gangly and annoying, braces were a plus too.

This is where it all started. A High School banquet I invited him to.
Everyone else thought I would invite this other guy so
I invited Josh to prove them wrong. Little
did I know that he liked me.

His Senior photo I remember treasuring in my wallet.

Then the dating began...

... and there were fancy restaurants for dates...

... motorcycles to be ridden...

... this one doesn't need a caption...

... then engaged...

...then married...

No baby carriage yet.

I love you!

Happy 24th Birthday.

Your Wife,


  1. Very sweet post! I had to LOL at some of the pics and the things you wrote ;) Janessa<><

  2. Aww Hop this is cute :) Tell Josher I said Happy Birthday please? He is definitely a lucky fella to have you my dear friend :) Those pre-dating days are funny to reflect on lol.... hehe..

    See ya chica,

  3. Ha ha I love the one taken where you said Josh was annoyed at you! We always kidded josh about you :) Hickory Hallow seems so long ago but then again it doesn't. My how the Lord has directed :) Glad you're part of our family! Wish I could be home to celebrtae with yall.
    Happy Birthday Henner!!!!

  4. PS. I took his senior picture that you treasured in your wallet for so long :P

  5. I surely did enjoy this post - the pictures and the commentary! Ya'll are a handsome couple! Happy Birthday, Josh!
    -A. Coleen

  6. I love your love for Josh! Great post and a happy birthday to him as well.