Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I have wanted chickens since we got married. I kept asking for portable chicken coop that we could pull around our field. Josh decided to make a coop for me underneath our barn lean to. A dandy idea indeed. We bought 5 hens on Saturday and put them in their new home. We were hoping to let them roam free through the day but Duke, our dog, and Louise, Mom's dog, seem a little too interested in the chickens. Not sure how we are going to solve that problem.

Meet the girls, Henny, Penny, Hilda, Ethel, and Jane. I just made those names up. ha.

 They wouldn't cooperate for a group photo.

Their cozy home with an automatic door to the left of the big door.

Josh trying to make the dogs understand that chickens are not to eat or chase.

Hilda was a free range chicken before she came to stay with us.
She really enjoys any of the outdoors she can see.

The best part. Fresh eggs, five everyday.

The chicken lady,


  1. That is the cutest chicken house I ever saw!! You and Josh are both so talented.The expression in Duke's eyes tells me that he is not listening!!

    1. Duke can tell a story with those eyes. We always know when he has done something bad by the look in his eyes.

  2. Cool! Living garbage disposals :-) That's always been a dream of mine too; but since we raise chickens commercially, I don't think I'll ever have a coop out my back door. Have fun! Ruthie

  3. OH my goodness.. Memories.

    I grew up with a dog who would always "kill off" our neighbors chickens. NOT a pretty sight. It was awful. There is more to the story...I could tell you how my dad tried to cure our dog of this... but you'll have to ask. It was nasty.

    Ironically enough, later - (and you know your not to give chicken bones to a dog - too small) well, I forgot and fed the dog bones. He died, chocking on a chicken bone.

    Sorry for the unpleasant comment - again memories.

    I DO love your chickens, the coop is cool, and so are the names for your girls... ;)

    Chickens would be fun...a natural bug repellant for sure.

  4. That's a cute chicken coop if a chicken coop can be cute! :)
    We had chickens when I was growing up and I DON'T want chickens now. My husband and kids on the other hand, think it would be great! I know the truth of how long my kids will be happy to take care of them before it's my job! :)

  5. I love the speckled hens! Ours are always either brown or white. And oh those yummy eggs...like little treats they leave every day. :-)

  6. This is a great post, made me laugh :). Love your chicken names!

  7. Haha I love Duke looking sullen and Louise pretending to be sorry ; ) I've always thought the speckled chickens were the prettiest. Mom always had red and white ones when I was little. I'm jealous of those fresh yummy eggs!!! Have a beautiful day!

    Lana W.

  8. We had chickens growing up and I loved taking care of them. Unfortunately we love living in the city and so the chance of having chickens of our own doesn't look too hopeful. Although someday I dream of having a little farmette where I can go and grab my own fresh bright yellow yoked eggs!

  9. Oh I'm so proud of Henner! I'm so impressed with his building capabilities!! WOW, Cute chickens too! Oh on the crrrrrazzzy dogs what a combination they will make with the crackling hens :) Love yall! SHERI

  10. I see that look of longing in Duke's eyes! ahhha your subtle humor gets kills me!

  11. That is the most adorable chicken coop ever! And I love that you named your girls. :)