Sunday, June 9, 2013

Diego and Brooke's Wedding

Yesterday was my first cousin, Brooke's, wedding. We spent many a summer together as kids. She was called 'Brookie' and I was called 'Hopey'. My how time flies.

They had a lovely wedding day. It rained all day Friday and they were worried they could not have the ceremony outdoors. On Saturday the sun came out and melted their worries away.

I helped with arranging the flowers. I was able to snap a few photos of their wedding day.

 The gorgeous ceremony setting.

Here comes the blushing bride.

Mr. and Mrs. Diego Sandoval

The enchanting barn where the reception was held.

 the bride's bouquet | the bridesmaid's bouquet

Pretty bridesmaids

Uncle Myron, Brooke's dad, made these lovely boxes for the tables.
He also supplied the deer antlers.

Grandma Shank and Brooke | the bridal table

 And they are off!
Blessings Diego and Brooke. Have fun in Mexico!

Best wishes,


  1. Hopey! The flowers were absolutely beautiful! Thank you for all your hard work. The picture of Brooke with Mom is wonderful!
    Love Ya',
    Brookie's Mom

  2. Hope, the flowers were amazing!! What a beautiful wedding!


  3. i've been waiting to see pics from the wedding :) thanks for posting! and awesome job on the flowers!!! absolutely gorgeous