Saturday, June 15, 2013

Garden Tour 2013

I like to take photos every year to document our garden and flowers. 
Just to see what it looks like from year to year.

Join me on the tour...

Window boxes on the deck were an addition this year.

I have enjoyed gardening more than ever this year.
I guess it's 'growing' on me.

The martin houses are an addition as well.
A hobby of the hubby.

My husband's pride and joy. He adores this tree.
The smell reminds him of when he lived in Kentucky.

Knock out roses are great.
They are so giving- they bloom all summer.

Thanks for joining me on the tour.
I wish we could sit down together with a glass of sweet tea.



  1. Hi Hope,

    Your garden and flowers are just beautiful. I love to document my year from year to year, too! Isn't gardening the best? You look like you have a few things that are ready to eat! I am jealous :).


  2. Your house!! is adorable! It looks like it has a touch of Switzerland in that first picture! And what a beautiful garden too ~ I love that creative planting. Pretty little details like that make it all the more fun. :)

    1. I was excited to hear you say it looks like Switzerland. That is the look we are going for. I have never been there but I hope to go someday!