Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kitchen Cheer

I added a bit of cheer to my kitchen today. I have had these boxes for some time now and was waiting until we remodeled our kitchen to hang them up. I came across them today and thought, "why wait to enjoy these? I can enjoy them now." So I hung them up.

My quote to you today.

Enjoy life as it is.
Don't wait to do things when everything is just as you imagined.

Also, I have been wanting to post about why I blog, and how I hope I don't come across wrong. Like I have it all together and you don't. I cleaned out my pantry today and found three large bags of oatmeal and brown sugar. My pantry is real organized. Well, I just came across this post from a blogger I have followed for years and she couldn't have worded all my feelings better. So please go here, and read the thoughts that have been on my mind. I blog because I want to inspire and help you along in your journey of life. I share recipes because recipes are meant to be shared- not kept a secret. Thanks to all of you faithful followers. I cherish your friendship! I have made more friends than I ever imagined!

p.s. Thanks Jenny! You saved me lots of time:) 



  1. Hope, My name is Connie, I have been a reader of your Blog for a wee bit and I had to comment to let you know.. Your Blog is wonderful, and I am not a blogger but a reader. I stumbled across a Blog a few years back and was amazed how wonderful it was.. then I saw how many other bloggers were out there.. I have reached out to a couple of women and we have became friends thru this blog world..:) I find this blog world to be a great place of inspiration and a place where not only can I learn perspectives of others but share the love for Jesus.. I never understood when others would take things that a person writes (which is their life and opinion) as a bad thing.. anyway, I just wanted to share that your blog is wonderful..I read what Jenny wrote and I love Ann Voskamp, what a way with words she has.. One Thousand Gifts was a eye opener and life changer for me..So you may wonder what do I get from your blog? I get inspired, I get joy, laughter, and a place to go for a few moments out of my busy day.. so I thank you for sharing your life and thoughts.. Blessings to you from just a simple Ky Country girl, who loves God, family and good cooking..

  2. hey sister. i love the boxes and i think you should give them to me. and where did you get the roll of brown paper, i will take that too. thanks in advance. :) guess who..

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