Sunday, June 2, 2013

Outer Banks

We just came back from a relaxing vacation at the Outer Banks. Since I was a young child I have frequented the Outer banks. It's in my blood- my Grandaddy Shank loved the beach along with my Dad. I remember boxes and boxes of sea shells at my Grandaddy and Grandma Shank's home. I remember using a hot glue gun and making all sorts of creations with sea shells. My Dad loves to go in the winter and search for big conch shells. He also says it's great because you can lay your beach towel wherever you like. No fighting for space when you have your winter coat and boots on.

So with all that being said, I really do enjoy the ocean. Not just to get a tan, I enjoy watching waves crash, and seeing God's glorious creation. My husband doesn't understand why I go out right after breakfast and sit in my beach chair and watch the waves crash on the shore. It's like therapy- I'm getting soft on you, but I really do enjoy the ocean.

If you do go it's better to go off season- the end of May or in late August after schools have started. Less people, more space for you to enjoy. We had a quarter mile of beach to ourselves. If you have ever been to VA beach in peak season you will appreciate that greatly. I have been there once- never to go again. 

 My first time watching a sunrise over the ocean.
My husband helped this idea come true. 
Lets just say mornings aren't my thing.

Our quarter mile of open beach, just for us.

skim board pro | cute flip-flop holder

Kite flying is Joshua's new hobby.

 Now back to work with a new outlook on life.


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