Saturday, January 7, 2012

Austy's 4th Birthday

When I asked Austin what kind
of cake he wanted for his birthday
I knew it would be Thomas.
It was one of Thomas's friends, Gordon.
So today he had another Thomas party.

I called the other day to ask who was
coming to his party, he politely replied,
"All of my little friends."
So a bunch of his sweet, little
friends came and we had a grand time.

His mom made these super-cool party hats.

The birthday boy and his mom.

This is Gordon, Austy informed me that it's not two
smoke stacks, one is to let the steam out.
He is a walking dictionary for Thomas and his friends.

All of his little friends.

Salty pulling a load of fruit.

Favor bags filled with goodies.

We drew on the table cloth and then...

... and played pin the tail on the donkey.

Happy 4th birthday Austy.



  1. I can hardly believe he is already 4!! Such a sweetheart isn't he?! :) :) I think we are so lucky to be his Aunts!

  2. Oh, what a fun party! I especially love the fruit cars and cake! [not to mention Austin's witty comments/ "information"!]

  3. I love the picture of Faith and Austin. He sure looks like his momma.
    -Aunt Charity