Monday, March 25, 2013

Comes in like a Lion...

and stays a lion. So much for the saying that if March comes in like a lion- it goes out like a lamb. I'm seeing no lamb here. By the way the lamb is freezing cold.

I say embrace the snow and enjoy it! No use being miserable. I tromped around our little town this morning and snapped some photos. It was real nice of my car window to decide not to close. One of those deals where it slips sideways- you push the button to go up and you hear clunk and then the pointed edge of your window comes creeping up. Not cool- but I couldn't help but laugh. Another reason for my husband to hate my poor, little car.

I can only imagine what the robins are saying. "Honey, are you sure 
we flew in the right direction? This white stuff isn't for the birds."

Duke enjoys snow. Crazy dog. He wanted the snowmobile to start as 
bad as Josh did. He stood there whimpering as he tried to start it.

My childhood horse, Cracker.

Wildwood Park.

Mrs. Cardinal fluffing her fluff.

My mother's cat that she claims she dislikes, but talks to it all 
the time and feeds it hot dogs. Mother, mother.

Pretty bird, pretty bird.

How far did the snow reach? Are you enjoying it too?
 Have a happy day! I am off to make eclairs.



  1. Some gorgeous photos...

    I was out this morning in our own pretty snow - up here in PA. But my camera (unbeknownst to me) which I grabbed "just in case" there was a photo that needed to be taken (ahem!) decided to not work due to a dead battery.


    We're still enjoying it!

  2. I love these pics, your moms cat is really pretty ( she is STILL claiming not to like her present cat huh ; ]) And your Grandma Rhodes comment sounded EXACTLY like her! :) Hope you have a wonderful day Miss Hopie!!

  3. What a pretty cat!Nice photos!