Monday, March 4, 2013

A Luncheon

Last Tuesday I was invited to my Aunt's house for a luncheon to celebrate Lynette's birthday (happy) and to get together before Charity moved to Indiana (sad).

My sister stayed in Virginia for a year and now has moved to, Indiana, were her husband was formally from. I will cherish the year she lived here forever. After she was away in Bolivia for 8 years it was so much fun to have her next door. But I must, I must move on and not be sad- think positive, Hope, think positive. 

Here are some photos from the luncheon... as you can see it was quite lovely and tasty, too.

 Delectable dainties.

Aunties, Nieces and a few boys mixed in.

Sweet little cousins.
The best photo out of 40, yes, I counted.
Children never cease to amaze me, if I were a pink elephant maybe they
would look at me long enough for a good picture. I guess I'm not.

Now, I'm off to a ladies retreat for 2 days.
I get to be the cook and I am super excited.


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