Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ladies Retreat

I just got home from a ladies retreat... one retreat I will never forget. We had a wonderful time of Bible study and building relationships. I will never forget it because it was a great getaway- but mostly will remember a house full of women with no electricity or running water. Merilyn, our avid camper, wasn't worried a bit. She started to melt snow and boil it for drinking water. Some walked to the lake for water and filled buckets to flush toilets. Thankfully, there was a gas fireplace and gas stove top. I tailored the food to cooking it on top of the stove and at night we had jugs of water lit up by a candle for light. 

I took lots of photos the first day when all was well with electricity, but after the power went out I wasn't real worried about capturing the event. Here are some photos I managed to take...

 Sweet fellowship.

 Abundant food.

 A cooking show by Michelle and Sheila. Thanks ladies.

There were babies to be loved. 
LOVE Gavin's peek-a-boo skills.

More fun.

The storm came and...

... we survived!


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  1. YAY!! I made THE blog....even though I look like a beached whale. :) Melissa