Thursday, March 31, 2011

Timeless Toys Sign

Josh has been working hard on
our toy store sign. Most evenings we
have open are spent in his wood working
shop in the basement. When it comes to
carpentry and wood working, 
Josh has a natural talent.

We wanted a sign that was 3D so
I printed the logo in three layers.
First the background, then the horse, and then the letters.
We have a die-cutting printer at work so
it worked great for what we needed.
Mounting the giant stickers on the
wood was a task. My blood pressure
had to be way above normal.
We managed to stick them on with a few wrinkles, 
oh well, it makes it look hand made.

He used the outside of the stickers as a guide to cut out the letters.

Tedious work that I would not have the patience for.

Ready to stick on the horse sticker.

 This was the hardest sticker to apply. This is when my
blood pressure was at its peak. Wrinkles in the sticker
were forming like flies, Ugggg.

 Ready to be put together.

Brad nailing the letters on.

Pajama clad me applying letters.

Complete and ready to hang tomorrow.

My life is pretty much toys right now.
We have been working at the toy store
after work trying to get things in shape
for when we open in July.

My bed is calling me.



  1. Hope, that's a lovely sign and so professionaly done. It looks great! It just makes we want to come in a browse and BUY!! Is "Timeless Toys" open for business?
    A. Coleen

  2. Oh I'm so proud of my brother!! WOW Henner!!! If your sign looks like this I can't imagine what yalls new Bed/Bathroom looks like :) Mom was telling me about all the toys yall got,, oh it sounds so fun!!!