Monday, January 10, 2011

Charity's Gone

I haven't been blogging due to my sister, Charity,
being home for the holidays. There were too
many fun things to do with my sisters to
try and make time for blogging.

I miss her already. She adds the missing 'piece'
to our trio of sisters. We have had a grand time the past 2 weeks-
Shopping, going out for lunch, shopping, playing with our nephews,
family gatherings, ping pong, ice skating and much more.
The most wonderful thing about sisters
is that no matter how long you are apart
the minute you get together-
it seems like you were always together.
The cheesy saying you see on wall plaques
and flowery pillows, "sisters at heart"
does hold some truth.
I thought I'd reminisce with a few photos
from the good ol' days when all you had to
worry about was when the pool opened
and when you had to take a bath.

Charity holding me tight.

Mom and her three little girls without any curls. Faith, Charity and me.

 Christmas photo with our cat Bessie.

Funeral for our bunny Bo-peep.

Mom let the oldest girls in on the gift secret- silk boxers.
As you can tell I look a little uninformed.

We had to take a first day of school photo in
front of this tree every year. 

She is still this way today. Fun to be around and goofy as ever.

Now we're all grown up and married.

Praise the Lord for the gift of sisters!

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