Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Treasured Chest

I have been dreaming of a an old chest
to use as a coffee table or to put at the end our our bed.
I found one at Salvation Army but it was a bit
pricey and not quite what I was looking for.
I stopped by Mercy house last week and
there it was- one just like I had imagined.
The price was $65.00 so I called my
hubby for permission to purchase.
 I poured on the honey, but he still didn't bite.
His level-headed reply was, 
"We could buy a lot of remodeling supplies with $65.00."
So, I went and paid for my $1.50 chalk board.
I overheard the clerk say to someone about
everything being half off on Monday.
I decided to wait until Monday and crossed
my fingers that it would still be there.
I stopped by on my way to work and briskly walked
to the spot I had saw it last. There it set as pretty
as old chest can be, ready for me to take it home.
I stopped a worker and had him wheel it up to the 
front for me. It was too big to fit in my car so
so Josh had to pick it up a day later.
I actually think that he thinks it's pretty cool.
After all- he even helped me clean it up this evening.

The treasured chest.

I love all the buckles and hinges.

I was delighted to find this plaque at TJ Maxx. 


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