Thursday, January 27, 2011

Easy Ruffles

Since I had the day off I cut out a dress.
Ruffles are a new favorite of mine-
I have to laugh because mom's dresses
as a teenager had ruffles on them.
It goes to show how styles cycle.

Cut out a two inch strip of fabric.
Fold in half and serge or zigzag the edge.
Don't worry about turning it inside out because
the seam will be on the down side of the ruffle.
My mom would go to the trouble of turning
it inside out, but not me.

 Iron flat with the seam in the middle.

Sew a gathering string down the middle of the strip.

Gather to your liking and sew directly on top of your gathering string.

You can add a ruffle any where. Your neck...

...your sleeves...

... or rows down the middle.

I've been thinking how cute they would be on a pillow. 
A cream, linen pillow with three rows of ruffles.
That idea probably will never happen.

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  1. very nice! Thank you for the easy directions and visuals.